Thursday, June 27, 2013


So today, I'll provide some information about kimono
You guys must be know, kimono is Japanese traditional clothing, it has many types and many designs. Now, I'll tell you when and what kind of kimono that you'll need to wear.

This is a example kimono for the babies. The babies wear this when they are in 30 and 100 days after they're born. If it's a girl, they wear a brightly colored and if it's a boy they wear a black kimono with family crest

When kids turn into 3, 5, and 7 years old, they'll dressed in kimono then go to shrine with their parents. (Shichi-go-san)

At the age of 20, people in Japan will celebrating the day when they turn into adult (Seijin Shiki). The girls will wear furisode (kimono with long sleeves, it's for unmarried woman) and the boys will wear haori (the top) and hakama (the bottom)

For wedding, the bride wears the white dress called shiromuku and the groom wears haori and hakama

When a women already married, they no longer wears furisode so they will be wears tomesode where the sleeves much shorter. The black tomesode is called kurotomesode and the color one called irotomesode

This one called homongi, it is wear by women when paying a formal visit

Tsukesage, is a kimono with patterns that running up from front and back. It's usually wear for parties, chanoyu and ikebana.

The left one is komon, a kimono that you can use at home or informal situation. The right one is tsumugi, same as komon but it is brighter than komon

Last is yukata. It's a kimono for summer festivals that made from cotton. Long ago, people also wear yukata when they at home after taking a bath.

Do you guys like kimono? Well, I actually like it. It's unique and also beautiful, but somehow it's hard to wear it. 
So that's for today, I hope this article help you guys more about kimono :)


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