Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Washi Ningyou 3D

Have you guys heard about washi ningyou?
Never heard? Okay let me explain you ;)
Washi ningyou is Japanese traditional doll which is made from washi (paper). This doll representing human shape both male or female from children into adult. 

Isn't that cute?

That picture is washi ningyou in 2D, you can use it for bookmark or maybe a key chain. What I want to explore now, is washi ningyou in 3D, can you guys imagine it?

It's soooo adorable isn't it? 
I've made this once, so I'll share the materials:
  • small styrofoam ball (for it's head)
  • black crepe paper (for hair)
  • origami paper
  • Japanese washi paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a bundle of tissue (to backstop it's body so it won't be falling, or you can use another thing)
Since it's hard to do some tutorial, I've finally found the website *tearsofjoy*, here:
If you having a hard time to do it's hair and obi, you can visit this website, and if you really interest for making in washi ningyou, here some inspiration website.

               self experience

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