Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I bet you guys know this

Yeaaay! It's a sushi :9
Now I'll explain the tableware that you'll usually found in sushi restaurant, maybe some of you already know or maybe...not. So check it out ;)


It's a plate for your soy sauce. It has many shapes, not only circle


 Stand for tamaki (hand roll) sushi


Stand for your chopstick


 It's a special plate for sashimi, it has a small part for soy sauce


A soup bowl that usually for miso soup

Ochoushi & Ochoko

Ochoushi is a sake bottle and Ochoko is a cups for sake


Yunomi is a green tea cup and usually made from ceramic

Kozara & Kobachi
Kozara ( In front) and Kobachi ( Two in back) is a plate for small dish such sallad or pickles

Sashimi bune

Sashimi bune (Sashimi boat) is additional serving dish that looks like a ship for sashimi

Now you know about tableware in sushi restaurant so make sure you call it properly. Happy eating :9

Source: Sushi: The Beginner's Guide by Aya Imatani

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